That whole history thing

Leave it to The Onion to have its own unique view of the outcome of the presidential race. Note that it contains salty language, so if words you can’t say on broadcast TV offend, don’t go there.

I was taken by both senators’ speeches Tuesday night. Senator McCain’s concession was moving and healing. He was profoundly eloquent about our race history. Quieting those who booed Senator Obama’s name was likewise classy. I wish that guy had run for office, as I didn’t really see that Senator McCain in this election.

Senator Obama left me in tears. As I’ve said before, regardless of who you support and what happens, we’re better as a country for his candidacy. There’s plenty to dislike in any politician, and president-elect Obama is no exception. Still, regardless of who you supported and how you voted, it seems like the rivals’ efforts to find common ground should be adopted by all of us.

There are very few defining moments in our nation. Middle-aged Americans probably can tell you all about a few, including the 911 attacks and their aftermath, the fall of the Berlin wall, the resignation of President Nixon, the end of the Vietnam War, and the assassinations of the Kennedys and Rev. King. Older Americans could supplement the list, and maybe some would quibble with what I included and what I left out.

Regardless, Tuesday was a night of history.

David Sugerman

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