Wal-Mart wage and hour settlement

Christmas came early for current and former Wal-Mart employees with this good news. Wal-Mart has agreed to settle 63 wage and hour claims pending in various courts. Wal-Mart will pay between $350 million and $640 million to settle the pending cases. No word yet on how much any employee will receive. The settlements must still be approved by judges overseeing the various cases. Critics of Wal-Mart have long questioned whether it achieves its low prices at by chipping employees. Still, it’s a good day when a company steps up to do what is right–no one who works for wages should have to endure the death by a thousand paper cuts of small illegal wage deductions for work performed. The case illustrates the importance of wage and hour class actions. Employees who face illegal employment practices often can’t afford to pursue their small claims. But when those small claims are bundled into a class action, a company that makes money by chipping its employees can be forced to face up to a huge day of reckoning. That’s apparently what happened here. David Sugerman

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