NBC Nightly News shines light on Army National Guard toxic exposure cases

Here is a video of an NBC Nightly News story that aired December 30, 2009 about Army National Guard soldiers’ exposures to sodium dichromate in Iraq.  The video features two soldiers, Larry Roberta of the Oregon National Guard and Russ Kimbro from the Indiana National Guard.

Larry is part of the group of Oregon  National Guard soldiers  pursuing claims in federal court in Bixby v. KBR.  It’s easy to see from the video that the filming took a lot out of him.

Even though he was fighting major challenges, Larry  stepped up to represent the Oregon National Guard.  Words like “duty” mean something to these soldiers.  Their service and quiet resolve inspire me.  It’s an honor to do what I can in this case in return by serving as their attorney.

It’s a good telling of the story by two soldiers.  They provide a good feel for what our troops faced while serving in Iraq.  And as for KBR’s responses, I have some definite thoughts on that. But it’s best to just leave that for trial.

David Sugerman

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  1. Joshua Rasch Says:

    To whom it may concern: I have a medical board coming up for my injuries in Iraq. Can you assist me with this process? Or could you refer me to somebody who deals with that?
    I look forward to your response.

  2. admin Says:

    Hi-We can’t really talk about legal issues on a blog. If you are in Oregon, feel free to call us, and I will try to make some suggestions. If you are outside of Oregon, I doubt I will be able to help. You can find contact information on this site or visit us at http://www.davidsugerman.com, our current website. Look there for contact information.

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