Signing off

The plan has been in place for a while. Still, I have avoided thinking about this last blog post. For many reasons–mostly related to age and stage and needs–Paul & Sugerman, PC ended its operations today, December 31, 2009. This is a quiet farewell.

The firm started in 1991, when two well-meaning, youthful friends resolved that working for other lawyers invariably came to a bad end.  And so we set out.

A small law firm spanning nearly two decades is a rare thing these days. We both have stories, with plenty of laughs, a few tears, big victories and tough losses.  We had a good run that lasted 19 years. Over that time, David Paul and I were privileged to work for consumers, children, workers, and small businesses.

The good news is that our work will continue.  David Paul and I will open our solo practices in the same office in downtown Portland.  As one of our street musicians used to bellow to passing crowds, “Thank you very much. It’s great to be back at the corner of 6th and Alder.”  Like a bad comedian, we’ll be there all week.

Find out more about David Paul’s solo practice by going to Find out more about my solo practice by going to

So for those who follow this blog, it will continue at I’ll be getting back to regular updates once we get the bugs out of the new web page.  Other than an ocassional update linking to the new blog, this one is going inactive after today.


David Sugerman

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