Western Culinary Institute and the trouble with for-profit colleges

Brent Hunsberger, a business columnist at The Oregonianwrites here about the trouble with for-profit colleges.  He devotes a fair amount of his attention to Western Culinary Institute, or as it’s now called, Le Cordon Bleu in Portland.  He runs through some numbers unearthed in the class action against Western Culinary Institute and its parent, Career Education Corp. Sobering reading.

For all prospective students at a for-profit colleges and their families, I can recommend Hunsberger’s analysis as a must read.

Something interesting about the case. Counsel for Western Culinary Institute and Career Education Corp used the column to  defend the schools practices.  It makes for interesting reading. And for those closely following this case, I imagine there is some hope that I will respond.

I won’t. That’s because I prefer to try the case in the court room. Not in the press. Fair to say that we expect to dismantle these arguments and look forward to trial when we will present our evidence and argue the case.

I will share two observations. First, we push our kids and tout the benefits of education. That’s a good thing. But this for-profit education industry changes things. Going to college should not be like buying a used car. Students should be able to trust that schools are giving them accurate and complete information about what they are buying.

The other observation is that we trust the jury and that’s really all I need to say.

David Sugerman

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  1. Dan Says:

    While I graduated from WCI back in 1993, the claims then were the same. Jobs in prestigious hotels, cruise ships, and the like. I quickly learned that they were not interested in making sure I had one of those jobs. Looking back, I wasted my time and money at WCI.

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