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Portland Leaves

Monday, November 24th, 2008

The Oregoninan  recently covered an issue that is “leaving”  me a little preplexed. Sam Adams would like to tax those neighborhoods that accumulated leaf piles on the street for public street cleaning. The neighborhoods are those with extra-large trees. That issue is subject to controversy. We all pay, but not all neighborhoods are covered. I think the issue is important to discuss, but in the meantime…those folks who pile all their leaves in the area adjacent to the curb, but in the street should be aware they create a big slippery obstacle for bicyclists. So, for now, if you pile the leaves there, wait until you are advised that the city is ready to pick them up … leaving the leaves there for days and days just creates too many places for bikes to get into traffic conflicts or injure folks who are riding.

David Paul

Bicycles and Bicyclists and Obama

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008


The headlines the last two days contained two seemingly unconnected stories. Today’s front page (Oregonian) was saturated with insights about Mr. Obama and his speech last night seeking to unify our country on issues of race relations. There was tremendous support for the message, and the messenger as well.

Seemingly unconnected, the paper also reported on “bike boxes” link to help with traffic flow on Portland’s streets where bicycles and motorists meet. The two seem related. We have two communities, black and white, motorhead and bicyclists. Why can’t we just get along?

There is deep seated distrust in the two (four?) camps. Mr. Obama’s premise and the premise of the bike boxes is simple and similar. We just need to get along. There is no need to conflict or hassle. What matters is mutual respect and tolerance. Why don’t we just give that a try for a while and see if we can get along?

I have represented dozens of cyclists injured in traffic accidents in the local area, including Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties. I understand the insurance issues and the social issues involved in these cases. There may be some rights that surprise you. Contact me for a no-cost initial consultation. I would like to help.

And….. let’s just try to get along. At work, at school and on the way home tonight as well!


David Paul