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Magic Pants Guy Loses; Consumers Win

Monday, June 25th, 2007

It was not unexpected, of course. But the magic pants guy has lost his lawsuit against the dry cleaners in Washington DC.

As noted earlier, magic pants guy sued the dry cleaner because they misplaced his pants. The court found for the dry cleaners, Custom Cleaners. Looks like the magic pants guy won’t collect the requested $54 million. The trial court reportedly awarded the dry cleaners their court costs. Link here:

The case demonstrates some important truths. Judges don’t lightly tolerate abuse of the civil justice system. Magic pants guy had no business bringing this case and surely should be the subject of scorn for seeking $54 million for the lost pants. This clown works as an administrative law judge, which is to say that he should know better.

So for those who criticize the civil justice system, let’s all remember this case. Because the system worked as it should, and the clown got shut down.

David F. Sugerman

The Case of the Magic Pants

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Readers get the gist of this blog. Too often, corporate interests engage in half-truths (or worse) in a calculated effort to poison jurors. That’s bad because our civil justice system is essential to a healthy democracy and safe republic.

But it would be wrong to claim that there aren’t legitimate concerns with abuse of the civil justice system.

And that takes us to the curious case of the magic pants. In Washington DC, an administrative law judge, one Roy Pearson, Jr., sought $65 million in a lawsuit against a drycleaner. Why? The drycleaner lost his pants.

They must have been magic pants. That’s the only way anyone could ever claim to have suffered such a profound injury. According to various news reports, the drycleaner offered to settle the matter for many times the value of the lost pants, and the gentleman declined. After all, magic pants aren’t worth ten thousand dollars, they’re worth $65 million.

The guy is a nut, and that’s apparent on the face of things. But the bigger problem is that the Chamber of Commerce and other groups hellbent on shutting the courthouse will use this nut’s magic pants as fodder for their cries of lawsuit abuse.

Well, I have to agree with the Chamber in this case. This is in fact lawsuit abuse. One can only hope that the Washington DC bar takes disciplinary action against the magic pants guy. While we’re at it, let’s hope that the Washington DC courts quickly dismisss Judge Magic Pants’ lawsuit. It would seem that the courts have more important business that needs attention.

David F. Sugerman